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Oh How Easy It Is: Installing Wrought Iron Doors

There are so many benefits to having wrought iron doors installed in your home. Not only do the ornate doors add beauty, and prestige to your home, but a solid wrought iron door also increases your property value.

While it sounds like a bonus enough to have a decorative door that will last a long time, increase your home’s value, and look beautiful, there is another huge benefit to the doors from Door Gate Depot: They are pretty easy to install.

While there are some DIY beautification projects that sound like a great idea but end up being more hassle than benefit in the end. But, with wrought iron doors, this is far from the case. Door Gate Depot has many, many varieties of wrought iron doors in stock, all of which can add flare to your home, while not costing you half of your sanity installing it.

How to Measure Your Door Frame for a Wrought Iron Door 

Before purchasing your wrought iron door, you will need to make sure you have the proper measurements in order to ensure that your door fits properly, and will last a long time.

Step one involves removing the door molding that you already have in place. You will want to use a pry bar for this.

Next up, you will need to measure from the bottom of the door’s threshold nose to the bottom of the head jamb. Then, measure from the head jamb to the header of your rough opening. When you have these two measurements you can add them together in order to get your rough opening height.

Next step, measure both sides of the door frame and then use the smallest measurement moving forward. Measure the width of the rough opening (across the top, middle, and bottom) and use the smallest measurement here, as well.

Other things you will want to take into consideration before placing an order for a wrought iron door is whether or not your door swings inwards or outwards, and if the handle is on the left or right.

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