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//How Can Customer Choose Type of Glasses 

How Can Customer Choose Type of Glasses 

Whenever you’re planning to install an iron door for your home or office, you need to be very particular about the types of glasses that come with it. The market provides its customers with a variety of glasses that provide medium to maximum privacy. Some of the popular ones are frosted, aquatex and rain glass. At the end of the day, it depends on you as to how much light would you like to enter from the iron doors and what should be the level of privacy that you require. These iron doors and glasses have been circulating the market for the past many years and are known for beautifying the houses and offices of millions of people across the globe. 

Frosted glass can be a good choice

If you live in a shady neighborhood and don’t want people peeking from your door glass, you can always opt for the frosted one that comes with maximum privacy. This particular glass will cut a lot of light transmission and is specially built to withstand severe weather conditions. If you want maximum privacy with your iron door then you should install the frosted glass with it. These iron and glass doors are a fine choice for any location because they do not require painting or regular resurfacing. 

Rain glass is another popular choice ( see image above)

Even though this glass only provides medium privacy but it sure is known for its stylish yet durable patterns. Millions of households and offices have installed iron doors with rain glass. Unlike the frosted one, this type of glass comes in multiple designs that are all said to allow medium privacy. If you’re installing a door against heavy sunlight then you might have to see some amount of light transmission coming inside your home. If that’s what you like and are going for then the rain glass iron doors are a must have for you. They are not only beautiful and stylish, but are also known for being durable and water proof. 

Aquatex can be installed with your iron door

Similar to the rain glass, aquatex also comes in multiple glacier type patterns. The visibility level through this glass has medium privacy. If you wish your iron door to look durable plus stylish, you can always go for the aquatex glass. This glass allows the visitors to see just a small percentage of your home from the outside that is if you’re planning to install this glass in the main door. The stylish designs of this glass type allows the users to see a unique texture from the outside. You can’t see the whole thing but you can still have some idea of what’s on the other side of the door. 

Customers are advised to make a list of their needs and preferences before they opt for a glass with their iron door. You should know that once you install these doors, there is 0 to no maintenance costs afterwards.