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    Door Specifications

    1. 12 Gauge, Standard door jamb is 2” X 6” widths in 2.5 mm tube.
    2. Door sheet is made of 2” X 6” 2.5 mm tube.
    3. Our scroll work is hand forged using 5/8” solid iron.
    4. The doors come on a pre-hung steel frame. The steel frame supports the weight on the doors and allows easy installation. The frame is equipped with mounting flanges to secure the frame into the framing with lag bolts.
    5. Prior to painting, the doors are sand blasted, hot zinc coated for rust protections, then primed with a two part epoxy primer and faux painted with high quality acrylic paint, the clear-coated. Before the clear-coat application is applied the door is baked at 80 degrees for 30 minutes. This hardens the finish for maximum protection from the elements.
    6. Doors are equipped with interior glass panels that open independently from the door. This feature allows for ventilation, cleaning and security by keeping the door closed and locked between homeowner and the outside party.
    7. The glass comes installed and the glass frame can be prepared for either 5/16” tempered glass or 11/16” insulated tempered glass. All doors require tempered glass to insure safety code requirements.
    8. All doors utilize a mortise and tendon type ball bearing hinge with grease fittings.
    9. All doors come insulated with high quality foam insulation that is pumped into the jamb and also into the style of the door sheet.
    10. A rubber weather stripping is used around the door frame, the glass frame. Aluminum or iron sill is included.
    11. CAD drawings are created to insure that the right design size and configuration meet all the customers’ needs. Foot bolts and head bolts are used on double door units. The flush bolt is the mechanism that locks the inactive leaf of the double door unit. The head bolt locks into the top of the door frame and the foot bolt locks into the threshold/floor.
    12. Doors can be manufactured to swing in or out. Arches are available in half circle, eyebrow and elliptical as well as rectangle. Our standard hardware spec is 2 1/8” boring, 5 ½” center to center and 2 ¾” backset. We can provide Weslock for our doors, or you can use your own lock, but specification of the bores and slot are required for us to prepare the holes.

Add Beauty with Iron



Add Beauty with Iron, Where to Install Wrought Iron Doors to Look the Best

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Our shipping service covered most States of United States like California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia